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On The New President, Or, The World Doesn’t Change All In One Day November 12, 2008

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Those who follow this space closely will know that we, from time to time, scout around and see what the other members of my blogging community are up to.

The “Blogpower” bloggers are primarily based in the UK, but others are located in the US, Canada, Australia, Italy…and even the Sudan.

We’ll see how they reacted to the US elections—and we’ll discover that while many are happy, it’s not all strawberries and cream out there.

We’ll meet the happy, we’ll meet the silly—and we’ll meet the not-so-very-happy as well.

So with that said, let’s head over to the UK, shall we?

<blockquote>”When as the rye reach to the chin,
And chopcherry, chopcherry, ripe within,
Strawberties swimming in the cream,
And schoolboys playing in the stream…”

–George Peele, “<a href=”,+The+Old+Wives+Tale&printsec=frontcover&source=bl&ots=Wi6Y4s7K4p&sig=WdxxpFQbCHf6hB2HavvrmCuO_SQ&hl=en&sa=X&oi=book_result&resnum=3&ct=result”><em>The Old Wives Tale</em></a>” </blockquote>

Not quite 100 miles north of London, and roughly 100 miles west of Amsterdam lies a whole bunch of lovely farm country, which includes Norfolk, where the <a href=””><em>”Norfolk Blogger”</em></a> is one of the happy. No longer will the USA seem as though we are “putting two fingers up to the world”, we are told (for the benefit of Americans, the “peace sign” is not always seen as peaceful…); and in fact, it’s “Now for America to become the “good guys” again”, as the blog’s title reminds us.

Our friend Ellee Seymour, besides being one of the happy, is also the one who is checking up on her fellow bloggers’ <a href=””>predictive skills</a>, as she reviews who was more right about the outcome, and those who were, shall we say, not exactly right at all.

There is advice to be had, as well. Matt Wardman, over at the <a href=””><em>“Wardman Wire”</em></a> cautions us that “landslide” talk is helping no one. (Be sure to follow the comment thread for a most informative list that shows the margins of victory for every Presidential election since 1900.)

Thunder Dragon <a href=””>notes</a&gt; the problem of Presidential lame dickitude and the apparent pointlessness of the G20 <a href=”″>economic summit</a>–unless Obama attends.

Some offered advice just before the election, as well. Our friend <a href=””>Hercules</a&gt; presented cautions that seem to have also been well represented in the official John McCain message…and Ruthie Zaftig <a href=””>suggested</a&gt; people like Hercules should basically get over it.

And on a completely different subject <em>“The Tangled Rope”</em> blog reminds us that the Fifth Annual Worldwide Admire Your Genitals Day was <a href=””>celebrated</a&gt; November 6th…

More analysis: <em>“A Conservative’s Blog”</em> is worried about possible <a href=””>protectionist</a&gt; tendencies from an Obama Administration, <em>“The People’s Republic of Birmingham”</em> hopes that expectations are not <a href=””>impossibly high</a>, and Andrew Allison reminds us that voting against Obama is not a sign of racism…even as he expresses his <a href=””>appreciation</a&gt; that the US has elected a President “…who can string a few words together in grammatical English…”

Analysis of the day: the <em>“Capitalists @ Work”</em> blog <a href=””>compares </a>the 2008 and the 1860 Presidential election maps, creating some serious electoral <em>déjà vu</em>…and suggesting the possibility of “Republican dreams gone with the wind”.

<blockquote>”It must be some measure of the catastrophic decline in Australian cricket that there are blokes in the squad these days who have not even published an autobiography, let alone a barbecue cookbook.”

–<a href=””>John Huxley</a>, <em>“The Sydney Morning Herald”</em>, Nov 10, 2008</blockquote>

Australia’s <em>“Adelaide Green Porridge Cafe”</em> <a href=””>offers</a&gt; Obama two llamas and three bananas, along with the observation that Obama wasn’t the <a href=””>only</a&gt; world leader who acceded to power this past week.

Vancouver, BC’s <em>“The Conscious Earth”</em> <a href=””>reminds</a&gt; us that political apathy is often related to the question of who’s running…

Returning to the UK…the Emperor Camillus, the conquest of the Etruscans, and the never-ending question of how a Senate deals with a fiscal windfall are questions addressed by the most excellent <em><a href=””>“Westminster Wisdom”</a></em> blog.

Tuscan Tony, the master of <a href=””>mixing</a&gt; the moderately naughty with Conservative politics, brings us the truly important electoral results: Whirl of Change has defeated Straight Talk Crunch in the Baskin-Robbins “Flavor Debate ’08!”, marking the sixth and seventh times politically inspired flavors have been <a href=””>tried</a&gt; at the ol’ 31 Flavors.

<blockquote>There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.

–<a href=”″>Gautam Buddha</a> </blockquote>

I am myself forever guilty of this habit…and it is fair to say that I would not be here today if it were not for my habit of doubt—and there are two members of my community who have substantial doubts about this new President.

From <a href=””><em>“The Two Wolves”</em></a> come concerns that the US has become a nation that votes based on race…and from the <em><a href=””>“Pub Philosopher”</a></em> we are asked, basically, just how happy should liberals really feel if Obama is elected and California passes Proposition 8 on the same day?

We’re almost at the end, and since we are talking about doubt I wanted to bring to your attention a blog from the Sudan that is not a part of our Blogpower community, <em>“Soul Searching”</em>; who <a href=””>sees </a>the election’s demonizing of “Muslim” Obama as a setback for Arab-Americans.

The final blog: my own. I challenged myself to dress Sarah Palin in the finest of clothes, from Saks’ and Neiman’s no less; and to do it for a mere $43,000—2/3 off the Republican National Committee’s expenses.

The point: could you trust an Administration to spend $150 billion if they couldn’t handle $150,000? Two stories full of <a href=””>Oscar de la Renta</a> and <a href=””>Miu Miu</a> later, not only did we do it, we did it <em>under budget</em>.

So there you go…we learn a bit about what folks are thinking, we get a few cautions, and we are reminded that this is our chance to redeem ourselves…if we don’t screw it up.